“Best time to have an IP strategy was 20 years ago. Second best time is now.”

Azur Strategy is an intellectual property and innovation management consultancy firm based in  Cannes, France.

We work with our clients focusing on building a long-term and familial relationship to be able to provide a pro-active and hands on service. We aim to be part of the family and more importantly part of the success.


About us

We work

Primarily with technology intensive SMEs and universities on the cutting edge of research. Helping our clients bridging the gap between innovation strategy, intellectual property management and bottom line focused corporate objectives.
We apply our very own 3Cs™ value chain management method to define and implement comprehensive and sustainable approach to achieve success.
We work with our clients focusing on building a long-term and familial relationship to be able to provide a pro-active and hands on service. We want to be part of the family and more importantly part of success.

The 3Cs Methodology

The 3Cs™

(Create – Capture – Commercialize) method: The 3Cs™ approach is a methodology to incorporate IP considerations in the lab to market process. It is a holistic approach to manage innovative process as early as possible, with a focus ongenerating profits from innovation.

The 3Cs™ method, if well-structured and implemented into the business model of the company is a crucial tool that will contribute to the success of technology-based start-up.

Omer Hiziroglu

He is an international lawyer with over twenty years of experience on technology-based transactions. His venture capital and corporate background provides him an over the board experience advising clients across the innovation value chain.

His practice is primarily focused  on working with technology intensive SMEs, providing portfolio management, transactional and strategic services on an international level.  He is a frequent speaker on international conferences, corporate trainings as well as mentor for structuring technology transfer policies for universities.

He is actively involved with LES International (“LESI”) and has served as its board member and vice-president and he is amember of LES France.

Omer has been named among IAM World’s 300 Leading IP Strategists continuously since in 2015.

He has a BA in Economics and International Relations from Tufts University – USA. An LL.M from University of Lausanne – Switzerland and a Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree from Suffolk University – USA. Omer is a Member of Istanbul, New York and Massachusetts bars and he holds Certified Licensing Professional (CLP) and EUKTS-Expert certifications.


Our clients range from multinational corporations to universities and startups, leveraging technology. They collectively share the vision that in order to remain globally competitive innovation cannot exist in a vacuum without strategy.


Intellectual Property Transactions: We cover all areas of technology and IP based transactions from identification of opportunities to structuring and negotiating transactional contracts


IP and Innovation Strategy: We take an in depth look at our clients’ portfolio, capacities and stated targets to provide detailed systematic road maps and oversee implementation.


University & Research Institutions:  The needs and priorities of academic research institutions often differ considerably from the business world. We provide tailor made solutions, from IP policy implementation to turnkey solutions for capacity building.


Training programs: We aim to enable our clients by leading workshops and training courses to build intra-company awareness and capacity building. We have modular programs that use interactive teaching methods and real cases tailor made for university TTOs, corporate R&D and business development managers as well as tech savvy startups.

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